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Argon has the experience to meet your requirements, in every industry and operating environment, worldwide. Our knowledgeable and professional staff can work to implement a product or develop a custom software solution designed for your driver, firmware, utility or application specifications.


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Argon Technology provides a full range of PXE Server and PXE Client (PXE BootROM firmware) and PXE Network Adapter products designed to increase system productivity. Our comprehensive product catalogue includes a full range of:
PXE Server Products

PXE Client Products

  • PXE Boot Agents (registered trademark of Argon Technology). PXE Boot Agent can be purchased as a BootROM to add to an existing network adapter or can be licensed as a binary to integrate into the BIOS of your device.
  • PXE on Disk. PXE on Disk can be purchase for a specific adapter or licensed to integrate with your device.

Argon develops and distributes innovative quality products that provide the solutions you need to manage your systems more effectively. Our flexible licensing options, quick turnaround, in-house testing lab and production facilities make us the number one choice for the biggest names in networking.

Our products are licensed to worldwide technology vendors and our PXE Boot Agent firmware technology is used in workstations globally. Find out why Argon Technology products are so in demand: browse our online store or contact us today to work with our team and ensure you get the industry’s best product, service and ongoing support.