Mississauga, ON – November 12, 2003 — Argon Technology announces the release of their Virtual PXE on Disk™ network booting solution. Fully compatible with VMware v4.x and Connectix Virtual PC for Windows v5.2, Virtual PXE allows users of these products to deploy VMware guest Operating Systems and Connectix Virtual PCs via a PXE server. Examples include Argon Client Management Services® (CMS) or Windows® Remote Installation Service (RIS).

Normally, Virtual PC OS is installed from a local media such as floppy or CD ROM drive. Until now, it’s been impossible to use PXE technology for remote Virtual OS deployment. However, Virtual PXE enables network administrators to use the same technology that’s available for traditional OS deployment. For example, they can use RIS to install Windows 2000/XP Professional operating system on their virtual PCs.

“Even though Connectix Virtual PC uses the DEC 21140 virtual network adapter, while VMware uses the AMD PCnet Fast Ethernet driver, Virtual PXE lets you create a single boot floppy for use with both applications,” says Conrad Lawes, Argon’s senior technical analyst. “VMware users also have the option of creating virtual floppy image files (.FLP).”

Virtual PXE is fully compatible with Microsoft® Remote Installation Server (RIS), Linux PXE service (PXELinux), and Argon Client Management Services (CMS). The newest version of CMS, v1.21, also supports VMware and Connectix.

Virtual PXE on Disk sells for $59.99 US. Product details, along with purchasing information, are available at Argon’s website, Pxe On Ddisk

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Argon Technology is a world leader in network booting solutions. The company’s Boot ROM technology supports all leading manufacturers of networking ASICs and add in cards, as well as desktop management applications. For more details, visit www.ArgonTechnology.com.