Mississauga, Ontario Canada, January 5, 2006

Arrow Electronics has chosen to go with Argon Client Management Services® (CMS) software for its manufacturing site to help it automate the process of OS deployment in its manufacturing process.

We’re very proud to have Arrow Electronics under the Argon software umbrella. With the CMS software from Argon, Arrow is now able to speed up its manufacturing process as well as their systems software integration.

After creation of their ghost images for the different models being built they are able to utilize Argon CMS software to remotely deploy the ghost image directly to the systems on their assembly line within a fully streamlined automated process. Due to the streamlined efficiency Arrow has been able to reduce their workforce needed for the manufacturing process and be able to increase profits throughout their production cycle.

Client Management Services® (CMS) includes all the server-based services (PXE Server, BOOTP Server) and administration tools needed to setup an open network boot environment. You can deploy your favorite third party client management tools in a pre-OS booting phase. For example, you can check, backup, and restore critical files, perform virus scans, flash update a system BIOS and more before the client PC boots from its local hard drive. CMS gives network administrators’ centralized control over whether client PCs devices receive any or all of their boot-up instructions from the network.

System administrators also gain significant advantage from the OS deployment capabilities of CMS. Now they can rollout a new OS without having to visit client PCs (notebooks, servers) with an installation CD or boot disk, and then wait for the new OS to install. Instead, they can deploy Microsoft operating systems like Windows Me, 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, and XP from a central location.

About Argon Technology Corporation

Argon Technology is a world leader in network booting solutions. The company develops PXE Boot Agent ROM firmware to support all leading manufacturers of networking ASICs and add in cards, as well as PXE Server applications for turnkey desktop management applications. In addition, Argon provides custom software development services and a range of consulting and training services to help customers use network booting to lower Client ownership costs.