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BravoXRBravo XR automates the process of burning and direct-to-disc printing for up to 50 discs at a time. It incorporates toughened mechanical components as well as an 11-gauge, all-steel front bezel and a black painted 18-gauge steel case. Integrated blue LED lighting clusters and a clear front panel makes it easy to view the disc burning and printing process.

All supplies and the finished discs are accessible entirely from the front of the unit. This allows the Bravo XR to be placed on shelves, on or under counters or even mounted in a standard 19” 4U rack opening with an optional rack mount kit. It has a steel case and frame and a lockable front panel for use in environments in which an extra measure of ruggedness and security is advantageous.

Just a few of these applications include medical imaging, banking and insurance, government, military, kiosks, digital photo processing, retail music and video download, and much more.


  • Up to 50-disc capacity
  • Color inkjet printing at up to 4800 dpi
  • One high-speed recordable DVD/CD drive
  • Includes burning and printing software for Windows® XP/2000/Vista™ and Mac® OS X, 10.4 or higher
  • Bravo XR-Blu also available

Reliable. Modular. Upgradeable.

bravo xrThe XR-Series disc publishers and software development tools are designed specifically for production environments that require fast and efficient disc burning and printing, rock-solid reliability and professional-quality recorded and printed CDs, DVDs and BDs.

Primera’s end-to-end architecture includes all of the components you need for the most integrated and reliable systems possible: advanced hardware and software, matched supplies and perhaps most important, local on-site installation, training and service by factory-certified technicians.

Applications already implementing Primera’s XR-Series systems include medical imaging, banking and insurance, government, military, kiosks, mobile video and audio processing, digital photo processing and content-on-demand at retail stores.

Whether you’re duplicating audio, video, data, software, photos or any other information, the appearance of your finished disc is a direct reflection of your company. Make a positive, lasting impression with Primera’s TuffCoat with WaterShield Surface and TuffCoat with AquaGuard Surface Media. Water-resistant media gives you a powerful new advantage: the ability to print fast-drying, custom graphics that won’t wash away and are smudge- and smear-resistant.