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Bravo XRn Disc Publisher

bravoxrn_largeBravo XRn is a high-performance, enterprise-class machine that’s been designed for use in the most demanding, ˝mission-critical” environments.

Bravo XRn allows users to burn and print discs from anywhere on the network. Easy to use client software is installed on each workstation to format discs, attach data and send jobs to the disc publisher. The front-panel keypad and back-lit LCD give convenient, localized control for job status and maintenance.

Discs can be dispensed out the front of the unit or stacked inside the locked front door for security. You can even load blank CDs in one input bin and DVDs or Blu-ray discs in the other and remotely select which type of media to burn – a unique feature not found on other brands.

The built-in Windows® XP Embedded operating system can be configured to your network in just seconds. To increase capacity, simply add more units and control them from the same software.

Features Include:

  • Up to 50-disc capacity
  • Color inkjet printing at up to 4800 dpi
  • Networked disc publishing in mediumto large-sized offices
  • One high-speed recordable DVD/CD drive
  • Windows XP embedded pre-installed also includes client application for Windows XP/2000/Vista®
  • Bravo XRn-Blu also available for Blu-ray discs

Reliable. Modular. Upgradeable.

reliable-bravo-xr-publisherFor technical specifications by product, go to The XR-Series disc publishers and software development tools are designed specifically for production environments that require fast and efficient disc burning and printing, rock-solid reliability and professional-quality recorded and printed CDs, DVDs and BDs.

Primera’s end-to-end architecture includes all of the components you need for the most integrated and reliable systems possible: advanced hardware and software, matched supplies and perhaps most important, local on-site installation, training and service by factory-certified technicians.

Applications already implementing Primera’s XR-Series systems include medical imaging, banking and insurance, government, military, kiosks, mobile video and audio processing, digital photo processing and content-on-demand at retail stores.

Whether you’re duplicating audio, video, data, software, photos or any other information, the appearance of your finished disc is a direct reflection of your company. Make a positive, lasting impression with Primera’s TuffCoat with WaterShield Surface and TuffCoat with AquaGuard Surface Media. Water-resistant media gives you a powerful new advantage: the ability to print fast-drying, custom graphics that won’t wash away and are smudge- and smear-resistant.