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Argon has the experience to meet your requirements, in every industry and operating environment, worldwide. Our knowledgeable and professional staff can work to implement a product or develop a custom software solution designed for your driver, firmware, utility or application specifications.


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Argon Management Software includes all the PXE Server-based applications and tools you need to setup an open network boot environment.

Using Argon Technology’s Management Software, you can deploy third party client management tools in a pre-OS® booting phase to enable more efficient client management enterprise-wide.

Before client PCs boot from their local hard drives, you can check, backup and restore critical files, perform virus scans, flash update a system BIOS and much more. And, Argon’s Management Software enables your Network Administrator to determine which client PCs or devices receive specific, or all, boot-up instructions from the network.

Looking for ways to manage clients more efficiently and cost effectively?
Look no further than Argon Technology®.

Argon Client Management Services®
Client Management Services® (CMS)
includes all the server-based services and administration tools needed to setup an open network boot environment.

Argon RIS Menu Editor (RISme®)Argon RISme™ extends the functionality of RIS by allowing network administrators to add menus and options to the RIS Client Installation Wizard.

3Com Boot Services
Boot Services offers a pre-OS and network boot management solution that helps business enterprises lower the total cost of ownership of their networks. This product allows network administrators to remotely manage client PCs on their network by allowing them to deploy an array of desktop management tasks in a pre-OS booting environment.

3Com Virtual LAN Drive This software transfers physical hard disk functions to server-based image files that can be partitioned and configured just like a physical hard disk. You can use the image files to boot PCs or store application software and data, while performing application processing locally.