Support Plans

For adapters not listed here, please contact us.

3Com 3C900-TPO, 3C900-Combo, 3C905-TX, 3C905-TX-W, 3C905-TX-NM, 3C905B-TX, 3C905B-TX-W, 3C905B-TX-NM, 3C905C-TX-M, 3C590, 3C595-TX, 3C595-T4, 3C980x, 3C996, 3CCFE575CT, 3C556, 3C460B, 3C509, 3C509B, 3C515-TX, 3C529, 3C579, 3C592, 3C597, 3C359, 3C996
Accton Accton EN1209D-TX5
AcerOpen AcerOpen AON-325
Allied Telesyn AT-1700, AT-1720, AT-2450, AT-2450FTX, AT-2500TX, AT-2501TX, AT-2700 Series (2700TX / FTX / FX / 2745FX), AT-2900 Series (2915T / 2930SX / 2930T)
AMD Controllers: PCnet FAST, PCnet-PCI II, PCnet FAST III
Belkin Belkin 10/100BT PCI Ethernet
Broadcom (Gigabit) Controllers: AC1000, AC1001, BCM5700, BCM5701, BCM5702, BCM5703, BCM5705
Compaq Compaq PCI 10/100
Digital (Intel) Controllers: DE21140, DE21141, DE21143
D-Link DFE-538TX, DFE-530TX+, DGE-500T
Hewlett Packard HP DeskDirect 10/100 TX, HP J2585B PCI, J2973A PCI
Intel Pro/100 series

Controllers 10/100: 82550, 82562, 82551, 82551ER, 82557, 82558, 82559, 82559ER,

* all Intel Pro/10 Series and Intel Pro/100 series adapters

Intel Pro/1000 series Gigabit Ethernet Controller 82542, 82543GC, 82544EI, 82545EM, 82546EB, 82545EM, 82540EM, 82540EP, 82540, 82544
* all Intel Pro/1000 series Desktop and Server adapters
*For all the Intel Pro/1000 Lan Controllers below
we only provide PXE on Disk™ support

82545EM_COPPER, 82545EM_FIBER, 82546EB_COPPER, 82546EB_FIBER, 82546EB_QUAD_COPPER, 82541EI, 82541EI_MOBILE, 82547EI, 82547EI_MOBILE, 82545GM_COPPER, 82545GM_FIBER, 82545GM_SERDES, 82541ER, 82547GI, 82541GI, 82541GI_MOBILE, 82546GB_COPPER, 82546GB_FIBER, 82546GB_SERDES, 82541GI_LF, 82546GB_PCIE, 82570EI, 82570EI_MOBILE, 82571EB_COPPER, 82571EB_FIBER, 82571EB_LOM .

National Semiconductor Controllers: InfoMover Ni700x 10/100 ISA, DP83815 10/100 PCI (MacPHYTER), DP83816, DP83820 PCI 10/100/1000, DP83821
Novell NE2000 Novell NE2000, NE2000 PLUS, D-Link DE200 and DE220, Digital 305, Alta Research Corp, EtherCombo-16 T/C and EtherTPI-16, Allied Telesyn AT-2000, plus any 100% NE2000 compatible adapters
NetGear FA-311TX, FA-312TX, GA-622, GA302T
Realtek Controllers: 8029, 8139, 8139B, 8139C, 8139C+, 8139D, 8150L
Surecom Surecom EP-320X-R
SMC Controllers: EN503081, EN5038A1, 91C92x
SMC1211TX, SMC9432, SMC9000, SMC 9462TX, SMC 9432, SMC 9332 / 8432, SMC/WD EtherCard PLUS, EtherCard PLUS Elite/Elite 16, Elite/A, Ultra, Ether Easy Adapters
Texas Instruments Controller: ThunderLAN
Others Cameo, Edimax, Ovislink & Cnet