Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, July 11, 2008

MEC Distributors Ltd is a New Zealand based company that is now using the Argon PXE Boot Agent technology for all for the Marvell Yukon II Gigabit Controllers.
MEC uses the PXE Boot Agent technology for integration into the BIOS of the Panasonic Tough Books that are used by the New Zealand Police Force. Argon is pleased to be providing the complete environmental needs for in order for the New Zealand Police force to be able to remotely manage all of their laptops, servers and computers.
Through integration of the Argon PXE Boot Agent for the Marvel Yukon II is able to easily take advantage and use all of the features and the benefits of the Argon PXE Server as well as the Client Management Services (CMS) that is used by the new Zealand Police  force.

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