Argon Technology’s new Client Deployment Services (CDS) uses the more powerful Windows PE instead of the traditional MS-DOS as the default operating system within the PXE space, giving system administrators more flexibility and speeding up the deployment of new operating systems to clients over a network.

Using the new CDS combined with the WinPE environment, administrators can now deploy the latest Microsoft operating systems such as Windows 2000, XP and 2003 from a central location instead of having to visit client PCs with an installation CD or boot disk. With built-in support for WSH, WMI, and ADO, system administrators can further leverage the deployment process, pulling individual client configuration information from a MS SQL backend.

“With Argon’s new CDS, I’ll be able to do a lot more in less time,” said Mike Gibson IT Infrastructure Programs Administrator and Developer at the US FAA (Federation Aviation Authority). “Because CDS uses WinPE which supports NTFS, it’s now possible to partition and quick format a drive without having to reboot. This feature alone reduces OS deployment time significantly, especially on computers with large drives.”

Argon’s new CDS also integrates seamlessly with Symantec Ghost. The CDS Ghost Deployment wizard makes it easy to restore or create a drive image file or to join a GhostCast session.

“Now all Ghost images can be remotely deployed regardless if they are DOS or Windows Ghost clients,” said Scot Gilbert, Sr. Technical Instructor at Symantec. “This will save network administrators a great deal of time in managing their PCs, notebooks, servers, and other devices.”

CDS offers features not found in other deployment services, such as Microsoft’s Remote Installation Services (RIS). Being a standalone product CDS does not require other software such as Active Directory, or DNS. CDS is also unique in that it will work in a non-DHCP network, providing greater security and flexibility.

CDS features include:

  • Feature rich OS environment
  • Auto probing and auto loading of NDIS5 network drivers
  • Use of DISKPART for scripted disk partitioning
  • Native support of FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems
  • Seamless integration with Symantec Ghost disk imaging application
  • PXE on Disk Generator Wizard
  • The CDS Boot Server will still support PXE clients in the absence of DHCP server
  • New and improved boot menu creation wizard
  • PXE and TFTP functionality in a single service
  • Quick deployment assignment
  • Functionality of RIS without the overhead of Active Directory
  • Supports traditional DOS based networking
  • CDS offers fully automated deployment

Client Deployment Services (CDS) Availability

CDS is available directly from Argon Technology. For purchasing and pricing information, visit

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