Argon Technology offers low cost solution for managing networked clients that’s fully compliant with the Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) specification.

Mississauga, ON – June 24, 2003 — Argon Technology announces the immediate availability of their newest product, a fully managed 10/100MB PCI Network Adapter Card with PXE. The AT-9130TXA gives network administrators the full benefit of network booting and remote client management. These include the ability to remotely deploy new operating systems, applications and image files. They can also have many administrative tasks automatically run on startup, including virus scanning and file backups.

The new adapter includes Argon’s Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA) ROM as a standard feature. This popular firmware allows network administrators to take full advantage of the PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) protocol. PXE is a basic element of the Intel® Wired for Management (WfM) specification, designed to simplify networked client management.

“With the AT-9130TXA you can turn your PCs into diskless workstations or thin-clients,”says Basat Khalifa, Argon Technology’s President. “You can connect your PCs to a cable or DSL modem and share files and peripherals with other computers on the network. You can even carry out updates and maintenance during off-hours when your PCs are turned off, using the adapter’s Wake on LAN feature.”

In addition to PXE, MBA supports RPL, NetWare, DHCP and BOOTP network booting protocols, giving users total flexibility. Many industry leaders offer MBA as a standard feature or option on their network adapters.

The AT-9130TXA card is easy to install by plugging it into any available PCI expansion slot. It works with all popular client management software, including:

Argon Client Management Services®
Microsoft® Windows® Remote Installation Services (RIS)
IBM® LANClient Control Manager
ON Technology ONCommand CCM
Computer Associate® Unicenter TNG
Symantec™ Ghost Enterprise
Altiris® eXpress, and more.

The AT-9130TXA Network Adapter Card is priced at $15.99 US, and is available online at

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