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Argon Technology’s Client-based firmware streamlines networked desktop management. It enables client PCs, notebooks, servers and network devices to access and boot from server-based boot image files. And used with our Management Software or your favourite third party management application, Argon’s Client Boot Agent technology allows you to:

  • ensure consistent client management standards are maintained
  • improve overall efficiency, and

  • create an easily maintained computing environment for users.

Improve network security and reduce client administration costs with Argon’s Client Boot Agent technology.

PXE Boot Agent / MBA Boot Agent (Boot ROM)
Client-based firmware that enables client PCs and network devices to access and boot from boot image files on a server.

What is PXE? pdf_icon

PXE on Disk / MBA on Disk
Previously, MBA was available only as a NIC specific option ROM or integrated as part of the PC’s main BIOS. Argon now offers a universal floppy (or CD) disk-based boot agent to its OEM customers. This disk-based boot agent supports a wide variety of NICs.

Remote Boot Floppy Generator (RBFG.exe)
Remote Boot Floppy Generator (RBFG.exe) is a tool that is part of Microsoft® Remote Installation Services (RIS). RBFG.exe is included with Microsoft Windows 2000/.NET Server to deal with computer clients that are not PXE-compliant for remote OS deployment.

Integrating MBA/PXE into a PC or Embedded System BIOS: pdf_icon