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Argon Technology offers an array of unique Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) enabled Network Adapters for Notebooks, PCs and Servers.

When you install Argon network cards, you get more than hassle-free network communications.

All Argon network adapters include the Argon PXE Boot Agent that makes it possible to remotely deploy new operating systems, applications and image files. You can also perform many administrative tasks automatically, including virus scanning and file backups, on every startup.

Argon’s PCI Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Adapters feature Managed PC Boot Agent™ (MBA), the Boot ROM version of our popular network booting firmware. Click here for details.

Our PC Card (CardBus) & USB Adapters come complete with PXE on Disk™, a floppy disk version of PXE Boot Agent®.Click here for details.

Adapters that meet your unique networking needs:

Managed PC Boot Agent™ (MBA) Boot ROM

Our PCI 10/100 Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Network Adapters come with the MBA boot ROM installed in the ROM socket. MBA brings network booting functionality to desktop computers and networked devices helping to lower total cost of ownership and improve desktop management.

The Boot ROM is client-based firmware that works with the adapter to enable client PCs to access and boot from boot image files located on your network server. By having devices on the network perform a Pre-OS boot, administrators can carry out many management tasks or repairs from a central management station.

They can for example, deploy operating systems or applications. They can also automatically perform critical file back ups and restores, update BIOS, and scan for viruses. Once these tasks are complete, the PC can continue to boot from its local hard disk. On diskless workstations, you can use MBA to boot the entire target operating system from the server. MBA helps you manage your networked devices more effectively, reducing your administrative costs without requiring major network infrastructure changes or wholesale upgrades to “thin client” devices.

MBA works with your PCs whether or not their BIOS is compatible with BBS (BIOS Boot Specification).

Argon MBA ROMs comply with Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) specifications as defined in the Intel Wired for Management (WfM) specifications and support a full range of other standard boot protocols including NetWare NCP/IPX (802.2, 802.3, Ethernet II), RPL, BOOTP and DHCP.

Systems using these adapters can be remotely managed with Microsoft Remote Installation Services (RIS) and all third party PXE Server based applications.

As an option, you can also choose a ROM that supports only the Etherboot protocol.

PXE on Disk™ – Network Booting for Laptops and Older PCs.

Argon PC Card (Cardbus) and USB Fast Ethernet Adapters come complete with PXE on Disk, a floppy disk or CD version of our popular PXE Boot Agent® firmware. Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) allows a system to boot from a network server.

PXE on Disk brings the many benefits of network booting to networked devices that are not natively supported by PXE Boot Agents or boot ROMs. This includes most laptop computers and older desktops. Network booting lets administrators deploy new operating systems and applications from a central location. They can also perform a number of administrative tasks over the network.

In the past, the PXE client was available only as a Network Interface Card (NIC) option ROM or integrated as part of the PC’s main BIOS. Not all systems and network cards support PXE option ROMs, however. Laptops in particular were not compatible with the standard ROMs. PXE on Disk solves these problems by providing PXE on a floppy disk or CD.

With the PXE floppy or CD, virtually any client can boot from the network using the PXE protocols required by Intel’s Wired for Managements (WfM) specifications. PXE on Disk supports a wide range of NICs, including ISA, PCI, USB, MiniPCI and PC Cards. It’s also available for the many USB adapters, including: Microsoft’s MN-110, 3COM 3C460B, D-Link DSB-650TX, Linksys USB100TX, Netgear FA101, Belkin 8511, Accton USB320-EC, Accton SpeedStream, Ethernet SS1001, Siemens SpeedStream USB SS1001, SMC 2206USB and SOHOware NUB100.

We can also supply boot floppies or CDs to support other network booting protocols, including RPL, DHCP, NetWare or BOOTP.

You can deploy any Windows OS or application over the network in minutes using products like Argon’s Client Management Services® (CMS) or Microsoft’s Remote Installation Services (RIS). Argon’s RIS Menu Editor supports many of the PCI adapters not supported by RIS. PXE on Disk works with all third party PXE Servers.

OEM Version Available

Argon offers a licensed OEM version of PXE on Disk that allows vendors of desktop management software to integrate PXE on Disk into their applications. Their customers can then create an unlimited number of PXE, IBM RPL, NetWare (802.2, 802.3, Ethernet II) or TCP/IP (DHCP or BOOTP) boot disks.

Argon Technology – the right choice for all your Network Adapter requirements!