Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, May 31, 2007

Argon Technology, a world leader in network booting solutions, today announced that OQO has adopted Argon Technology’s USB PXE Boot Agent® into the BIOS of all its mobile personal computers. By incorporating Argon’s USB PXE Boot Agent, system administrators using OQO mobile PC can use the same deployment tools to service and to perform unattended operating system installation and system updates.

“OQO’s move is the latest from a mainstream technology company to bring the cutting-edge deployment options delivered by Argon’s PXE Boot Agent to a wider audience,” said Basat Khalifa, President, and Argon Technology.
To perform deployment options, the BIOS-integrated USB PXE Boot Agent communicates with the Asix USB2 AX88772 Fast Ethernet LAN Controller in the OQO docking station to enable PXE network booting.
OQO is an industry pioneer when it comes to ultra mobile personal computing. All of OQO’s ultra mobile PCs are now shipping with the integrated Argon USB PXE Boot Agent.

The ability to remotely manage devices is a very important thing for the Network administrator as they are now able to manage all of the mobile PCs just the same as they would manage any of the desktops, laptops, notebooks and servers within their network. Additionally, with the Argon RIS Menu Editor Software the Network Administrator is also able to deploy RIS images to the OQO mobile PC when files corrupt or for any other required reason.

For any customer looking to add the PXE network booting capability to either their mobile devices or embedded systems please make contact Argon OEM Sales department today to discuss our licensing programs for USB PXE Boot Agent.

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Argon Technology is a world leader in network booting solutions. The company’s Boot ROM technologies supports all leading manufacturers of networking ASICs and add in cards, as well as desktop management applications. Argon Technology also provides a range of consulting and training services to help customers use network booting to lower PC ownership costs.