Support Plans

Argon Technology provides free online knowledge base support for the products listed below. We also offer Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum support packages so you can select the best program to fit your specific support requirements. For more information, please email us, or click on the support program of your choice.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Argon Technology currently provides support for the following:

Argon Network Booting and the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)

  • Argon PXE Boot Agent
  • Argon Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA)
  • Argon BootWare
  • Argon Tri-ROM with BootWare
  • Client Management Software (CMS)
  • PXE Server
  • RISme™-Ris Menu Editor
  • RBFG.exe-Remote Boot Floppy Generator
  • PXE on Disk
  • 3Com Boot Services

    Lanworks Technologies Company:

  • Lanworks Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA)
  • Lanworks Tri-ROM with BootWare
  • Lanworks BootWare

    3Com Corporation:

  • 3Com Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA)
  • 3Com Tri-ROM with BootWare
  • 3Com BootWare
  • 3Com DynamicAccess Boot Services (DABS) (3CDA120-10)
  • 3Com Virtual Lan Drive (3CVLD300-00)