Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, October 3, 2006

Argon’s Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA) is now available to all VersaLogic’s customers looking to add network boot, LAN boot or remote management capabilities to their embedded systems or headless devices.

Argon has released a new version of its Managed PC Boot Agent to support the Intel Pro/100 Fast Ethernet controller, integrated with all the VersaLogic embedded boards.  VersaLogic customers can purchase the Argon Managed PC Boot Agent as an option with their embedded board purchase from Versalogic and or have Versalogic integrate it into the General Software Embedded BIOS.

With the expanded support all VersaLogic customers are now able to purchase Argon’s Managed PC Boot Agent with their VersaLogic motherboards.

MBA is client-based firmware that works with the LAN controller to enable client devices to access and boot from boot image files located on a network server.

You can dramatically reduce the build cost of your embedded systems by integrating network booting technology into your system BIOS. At the same time, you’ll add value for your customers by simplifying upgrades, improving security and lowering admin costs.

Network booting enables thin clients, network appliances, factory floor equipment, data acquisition tools, and other embedded devices to boot over a LAN, using files located on a network server.

Many manufacturers of embedded devices turn to Argon Technology for their network booting needs. World leaders in this technology, Argon’s range of licensing options, along with quick turnaround, make us the supplier of choice for some of the biggest names in networking. Our comprehensive in-house test lab ensures support all major boot protocols, client and network operating systems.

Embedded devices incorporating Argon’s technology can be remotely monitored, configured, controlled and diagnosed over Local Area Networks using standard network management protocols.

Using MBA, administrators can have embedded devices perform a Pre-OS boot and accomplish a comprehensive range of management tasks or repairs from a central station. For example, they can deploy OS and applications, backup and restore critical files, update BIOS, and scan for viruses. Once these tasks are completed, the device can continue to boot from its local hard disk.

Network booting is particularly useful for booting diskless systems such as thin clients and embedded systems that might otherwise have to boot form flash. MBA makes it possible to boot the entire target Operating System from the server.

About Argon Technology Corporation

Argon Technology is a world leader in network booting solutions. The company develops PXE Boot Agent ROM firmware to support all leading manufacturers of networking ASICs and add in cards, as well as PXE Server applications for turnkey desktop management applications. In addition, Argon provides custom software development services and a range of consulting and training services to help customers use network booting to lower Client ownership costs.