Companies Bring Network Boot Capability to Embedded Computers

Eugene, OR and Mississauga, ON – June 9, 2003 — VersaLogic Corp. and Argon Technology Corp. announce the arrival of network boot capability for three of VersaLogic’s popular embedded computers. The Jaguar, Bobcat and VSBC-8 processor boards from VersaLogic have been fully tested with Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA) firmware from Argon. MBA provides VersaLogic customers with the ability to remotely manage client devices. It is compatible with all major network boot protocols.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can integrate the Argon boot code into the BIOS of VersaLogic computers. Once the client computer is configured, administrators can access it remotely, perform remote boots, deploy applications, and perform maintenance tasks such as virus scans and file backups. The network boot technology eliminates the need for local storage media such as hard drives or flash memory. An embedded computer using this technology can be installed within equipment, connected to a network, and will perform with little to no direct input for the life of the computer. Administrators can use Argon’s Client Management Services® (CMS) software in combination with the MBA for even greater client control and remote capability.

“This is a product combination with great OEM potential,” comments Tom Barnum, VP of Sales and Marketing for VersaLogic. “Remote client boot management is just starting to become recognized as a time- and money-saving technology.” While remote boot options aren’t new to the embedded market, BIOS support is. VersaLogic’s Jaguar, Bobcat and VSBC-8 motherboards use Embedded BIOS 2000 from General Software, recently upgraded to make it easy to add Argon’s MBA Boot ROM.

About Argon Technology’s Managed PC Boot Agent

Managed PC Boot Agent firmware is available to developers directly from Argon Technology for adding to the BIOS of VersaLogic products. It’s compatible with most Windows, DOS and UNIX operating systems, as well as popular client management software and boot protocols. More information on Managed PC Boot Agent, along with details of the benefits of network booting, is available at

About Argon Technology

Argon Technology is a world leader in network booting solutions and products that help reduce the total cost of PC/client ownership. Through its family of products, Argon Technology provides network booting tools that streamline client management, improve client security and help reduce the cost of desktop ownership. Firmware developed by their staff is installed in millions of workstations in over 100 countries.

About VersaLogic Embedded Computers

VersaLogic’s Jaguar, Bobcat and VSBC-8 embedded computers are designed for use by OEMs in medical, military, aerospace, scientific and communications applications. All feature PC/104-Plus expandability, designed-in reliability, small footprint (EBX and PC/104) and rugged construction. Processor speeds range from the 100 MHz Bobcat with extended temperature range to the 850 MHz Pentium III processors on the Jaguar and VSBC-8.

About VersaLogic Corp.

A leading supplier of industrial computers since 1976, VersaLogic focuses on high-quality board-level products for embedded applications. Product lines include PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EBX, and STD 32 Bus. VersaLogic’s products are well suited for a broad range of applications such as industrial control, military, medical instrumentation, and manufacturing automation. VersaLogic’s customers recently rated the company a “Platinum” level embedded board vendor (2002 VDC study). For more information about VersaLogic products visit, e-mail, or contact Applications Support at (800) 824-3163.