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Use PXE technology to deploy your virtual PCs

Argon’s Virtual PXE on Disk Generator™ is fully compatible with VMware V4.x and Microsoft Virtual PC for Windows v5.2.

It allows users of these products to deploy VMware guest operating systems and Microsoft Virtual PCs via a PXE server such as Argon Client Management Services® (CMS), Microsoft® Remote Installation Server (RIS), or Linux PXE service (PXELinux).

How do you use Virtual PXE on Disk™ to deploy your Virtual OSs?

PXE network booting enables a computer to connect to centralized PXE Boot server and perform various tasks such as installing a new operating system or software application. Most corporate PCs sold today are PXE-compliant and have this feature “out-of-the-box”. Many VMware and Microsoft Virtual PC customers wanted to use this same method for deploying virtual OSs. Until now, this option was not available in the “virtual space”.

Virtual PXE on Disk allows these customers to use products such as RIS, Altiris Express, CMS, etc. for virtual PC deployment and software installation.