Download our recently published white paper: “The Top Ten Risks of Outsourcing And The Five Essential Steps To Staying in Control and On Target”.

Support Plans

We make the process of outsourcing easy, helping you stay within budget and on target.

When you partner with Argon, you’ll benefit from:

  • No hassle communication
  • Speedy project startup
  • Lower project costs
  • On budget, on target delivery
  • Proven track record

No Hassle Communication We understand that language, geography and culture can derail a project or cause costly delays. That’s why we keep the lines of communications clear from concept and development through to final delivery.

We’re based right in North America so communicating with us is always easy and direct. There are no hassles caused by language barriers, unfamiliar cultures, disrupting time zones or third party intervention.

Speedy Project Startup
When you partner with Argon you hit the ground running. You’ll immediately tap into our broad pool of system engineering experience and knowledgebase so you can start your project immediately.

Lower Project Cost
There’s no lead time finding the right people for the right technologies. There’s no training or support costs of hiring interim staff for a project. And when the project is complete, you won’t have to cut back on staff and risk reducing the morale in your organization.

On Budget, On Target Delivery
We clearly define the scope of the project before we begin and give you a clear quote so that we deliver your solution on time and on budget. During the course of the project, we make additional assessments and keep you posted every step of the way to ensure that your project is kept on target.

Proven Track Record
Leading manufacturers and IT companies including Microsoft, Intel, HP, and Dell trust our software solutions to improve the quality of their products. Our track record of success and reliability are a strong basis we’ll make your project a success.