Argon RISme™ adds further enhancements to RIS and supports Windows® .NET Server.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, November 27, 2002 – Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and .NET Servers offer Remote Installation Services (RIS) to simplify the installation of Windows over a network. Argon Technology’s Remote Installation Services Menu Editor (RISme™) extends the functionally of RIS by allowing you to add custom items to the installation menu that appears on the Client Installation Wizard.

Using RISme™, system administrators can create client deployment images to install versions of Windows that RIS does not natively support, such as Windows 95,Windows 98, NT and 2000 Server. You can also create client maintenance images for tasks such as BIOS updates. Argon offers sample images that illustrate how to create deployment and maintenance images. These sample images are available for download at

This release of RISme™ is compatible with images and menu items created using the 3Com Remote Installation Services Menu Editor (3Com RISME) originally released by 3Com in October of 2000. Argon RISme™ includes all the features found in the 3Com release, and has been designed to fully support Windows .NET Server 2003. This version also adds the convenience of allowing the program to run on an administrator’s desktop (rather than being limited to running directly on the server).

RISme™ also features a boot image file editor for editing image files directly without needing to recreate the image. The image editor provides a number of enhanced features, such as support for extended sizes (up to 16 MB) and support for accessing the client Preboot Execution Environment (PXE).

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